General Terms And Conditions

Community Programs” - refers to any Macarthur FC holiday camp, clinic, community activity, member day, community corporate function or any additional event advertised through our website.

Schools Program” – refers to any Macarthur FC Academy program, talent ID camp, exposure camps or any additional event advertised through our website.

Participant” – the individual who is actively participating in the activity defined by the community or development program.

Macarthur FC” – Macarthur Football Club and/or Macarthur FC Bulls.

Legal Guardian” - someone who has the authority, as well as the obligation, to handle and care for the personal interests and properties of another individual. By registering the participant/s into the Macarthur FC Community Programs and/or Development Programs, You, the parent/ legal guardian and registered participant agree to the following terms & conditions.


  1. Registrations for Community Programs must be completed online through the Club website, found under the Community tab. Registrations are subject to a maximum number of participants. This number may be determined by location, availability of activity spaces, health and safety legal requirements and overall experience requirements. Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served priority basis.
  2. A parent or legal guardian must register on behalf of the participant if the participant is under the age of 18 at the time of the registration. Macarthur FC will not knowingly accept any registration or associated personal information including medical information online without authorization from the designated parent or legal guardian on all official registration documents.
  3. For Community and Development Programs, Macarthur FC collect personal information (including any relevant personal health information provided at registration or during the community program) provided by you to confirm registration, collate and maintain a Community database, enable safe participation, comply with Macarthur FC legal obligations and it’s rights to deliver community and development programs.
  4. Upon accepting the Terms and Conditions you give authority for Macarthur FC to share or disclose the participant/s personal information including health information to third parties for any reasonably expected purpose relating to the event or otherwise required by law.


  1. Payment must be made by credit card prior to the first day of any program of event. Any other form of payment will not be accepted.
  2. The cost for each child to participate in a Macarthur FC program or event is a set prescribed fee as provided upon booking. If the child fails to participate in whole or part in the program or event there will be no refunds issued whatsoever either in part of full. Once the booking has been made payment is non-refundable.


  1. By completing registration and agreeing to the terms and conditions, it is understood that the participant is taking part at his or her own risk.
  2. The participant acknowledges that they are fit and not suffering any health concerns or injuries that will be aggravated by participating in the activity or program. Any injury or illness must be disclosed by the participant/legal guardian to Macarthur FC staff at the time of online registration or on the event day. Should the injury or illness be deemed a health and safety risk to the participant or other Community or Development Program participants, Macarthur FC reserve the right to exclude the participant from participating further in the activities.
  3. The participant, parent and/or legal guardian will exclude Macarthur FC staff, representative, contractors, volunteers and/or any medical staff provided by Macarthur FC of any responsibility to the participants person or property as a result of injury, illness, theft or detriment that the participant may suffer participating in the Community or Development Program.
  4. You, the parent/legal guardian, give permission for Macarthur FC staff and Program staff to act accordingly and seek any medical attention for the participant if required at the event. If an ambulance is called for the participant by Macarthur FC, the cost of the ambulance and any associated medical treatment will be at your own expense.


  1. The parent/legal guardian and the participant acknowledge and consent Macarthur FC to have full rights to use the images obtained from photography and videography at Community and Development Program activities and any reproductions or adaptation of this content. Use may include (but not limited to) print and online promotional material, social media and press releases ongoing. 


  1. All parents and/or guardians must ensure the participant is informed of the privacy policy. If the participant, parent or legal guardian does not complete the required personal information for any registration or does not consent to Macarthur FC collecting or using the information outlined in Macarthur FC privacy policy, Macarthur FC has the right to refuse participation.
  2. By registering the participant, you allow Macarthur FC to use your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy.


  1. You agree that these terms and conditions can only be varied by the Club.